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for people with ancestors

Tune into your ancestors on an intuitive level, establish safe ritual boundaries, then initiate and tend a healing process on your lineages. When complete, enjoy lifelong, mutually beneficial relationship with your ancestors. Genealogy facts are helpful but not necessary.

  • Initial Consult: 30 minutes, no charge

  • First Session Assessment: 90 minutes, $150 

  • Regular Session: 75 minutes, $125

  • Recommended rhythm: flexible, pace of the lineage guides

  • All paid sessions include detailed notes and personalized ritual follow-up suggestions. Accessibility policy applies.

"Thank you so much, Laura.

I'm indeed very glad that I reached out to you, as I really got the sense that without support it could get quite messy.

I felt so relieved after our session. As if a big heavy blanket has been lifted. The sun came out after all the rain here, so I went to sit down by the waterfront and enjoyed a new spaciousness.  

I appreciate your email suggestions very much and will keep on tending."

                --Zara Taulelei

**Reduced-fee sessions available on booking page.

**Note for Ancestral Medicine Practitioners/Trainees:    Schedule trade or prepaid time with me here.

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Flexible care to meet you as you are

Ritually contained sessions to help you find your way as a singer, artist, healer, or unique spiritual & creative being. May include vocal coaching, mentoring, deep listening, collaboration, accountability, prayer, divination, or in-the-moment creative process, as needed.

  • Initial Consult: 30 minutes, no charge

  • Session length 60 – 90 minutes (depending on needs / style)

  • Rate: $100 per hour, same as all offerings.

  • Recommend rhythm: every two to four weeks.

  • Duration varies, often 3 to 6 months.

  • Accessibility policy applies.

"The support you gave me as I was working to build stability and confidence in my music making practice was invaluable. You helped me build a daily ritual that directly led to a number of personal and creative breakthroughs. I've since recorded and released two EPs and a full-length album, and I just finished my first cross-country tour! I'm so grateful for the path you helped foster."

                 --Heavy Meadow



Customized Care for Times of Transition

It's tough to put a label on the sacred moments of your life, your family, your grief. But sometimes moments arrive that call for support, for a bit of expertise that can help you fully live into the initiation or milestone gate you are passing through.

Let's talk about it. (Accessibility policy applies.)





  • Playful poem to honor contractor at completion celebration for church building.

  • Group ritual to grieve a violent death and honor the land where it occurred.

  • Song to honor a departed husband/father at the memorial.

  • Altar tending and prayer support for end of life and passing of beloved canine companion.

  • Song to honor a retiree at the conclusion of her career.

  • Group singing and water blessing to honor young trees planted at a new nature preserve.

  • Humorous skit to honor a graduate at party of family and friends.

  • Bedside music for dying loved one.

  • Nostalgic custom song for parents' 50th wedding anniversary.

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