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We meet and sing...

  • ...on Thursday mornings this Spring from 10:30am to 12pm March 9 through May 25

  • Laura's back patio, 2905 Tiber, unless otherwise directed by email.

  • ...songs that help us get through hard times, songs to celebrate life, songs to connect us with the Earth and all beings (including each other!), and songs that help us fully engage our bodies and voices in the full human range from play to reverence.

  • ...with our hands free, unless we are holding hands with each other or clapping or improvising dance moves. Sheet music is rare; we learn mostly by ear. 

  • ...freely donating funds and enthusiasm to support this communal enterprise.

Singing with you and the Free Range Singers, I have found a place where I can freely express myself through song in a community of acceptance and compassion. With your loving leadership, I have been able to gain the confidence to sing openly and wholeheartedly. When I am singing, my spirit feels alive with a current of divine energy. 

~Mary Kate Kaltenbach

Art Teacher

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Free Range Singing Session


  • Twelve Thursday mornings, 10:30am to 12:00pm.

  • March 9 to May 25, 2023.

  • Outdoors unless weather necessitates indoors.

  • Community Singing repertoire, one to five parts.

  • Suggested donation $10-$20/meeting or as you are able.

  • Commitment to all 12 rehearsals NOT required.

  • Performance outdoors in mid-late May, details TBD.


Vocal Coaching

If you want to sing more, strengthen your voice, and get your groove back, I will probably recommend in-person choir. (See above, or I can recommend other local groups, or point you to resources that may be in your area.)

If you want to unearth what is blocking your voice, want to develop a deeper relationship to your body, spirit, and creativity through song, or have other projects of depth related to singing, I would recommend Support for Spiritual Creatives. This works well online or in person.

If you want to connect with your ancestors in song, consider pursuing ancestral lineage healing sessions or joining an ancestral song circle when I next host one.

If you are in my local area, and want to do a bit of vocal coaching toward a particular project you already have in mind, I can help. Sessions are generally one hour in length and frequency is flexible.  My rate is $60/hour.  

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