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small on the outside

  • Looking for a place to connect with all that you are? Come join!

  • My small groups are intimate-- usually four to eight committed participants.

  • All groups are supported by prayer and the invitation of benevolent powers. My ancestors and yours, the Earth Chapel, and my ceremonial drum all contribute, to name a few.

Owl Canticle

Ritual Intervention Ensemble
Monday Mornings 9am Pacific on Zoom

This is a committed, ongoing weekly group of 4 to 7 spiritual+creative people who share openly about what is arising and co-create what is needed ritually in the moment. 

Laura Sandage is host, facilitator, and co-participant, bringing in song, prayer, ceremonial drumming and other instruments. Sometimes there is poetry, art, or dance in the mix. Always there is silent time and some prayers are spoken aloud. 

This small community will take in a few new members this fall. If you are interested, please reach out. Depending on interest, you may be assigned to a wait list for a second chapter at a different weekday time.

Cost: Love Offering (you choose amount and schedule).


New Free Group

Spiritual Direction with the Ancestors
Begins in September 2022

Group Full!

Special Opportunity!

Join me and five to seven others in a monthly spiritual direction group for people with an ancestral healing or relating practice. This is not primarily a healing circle, but a companioning circle of listening and sharing spiritual journeys, including the ancestors and everything else. It will be ritually contained and include brief interludes of interfaith spiritual practice. A Mon, Wed, or Fri time once a month will be sorted when we have enough interested parties.

Six 75-minute sessions will convene on Zoom from September 2022 to February 2023 at no charge, as part of my fulfillment of practicum requirements in Interfaith Spiritual Direction at the Chaplaincy Institute. Option to continue for $30/month.

If you are interested in a similar group starting in 2023, email me to get on a waitlist.

Earth Chapel Retreat

LULL: A Winter Retreat
  ~January 6-8, 2022

  ~Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon
  ~In-person in Davis, California

  • A retreat so small, so intimate, that you can take part in making it just what you need!

  • Three days of rest, song, group connection, and personal ritual.

  • Food provided, including Satinder's Punjabi homestyle cooking. Sleep onsite or nearby, indoors or out. 

  • Limited to 4 participants-- each will have an altar in the Earth Chapel to work with all weekend. Friends or relatives are welcome to attend together.

  • Let me know in some detail why you feel called to this.

  • Cost: $375. Accessibility policy applies.

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