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Customized Care for Times of Transition

It's tough to put a label on the sacred moments of your life, your family, your grief. But sometimes moments arrive that call for support, for a bit of expertise that can help you fully live into the initiation or milestone gate you are passing through.

Let's talk about it. (Accessibility policy applies.)





  • Playful poem to honor contractor at completion celebration for church building.

  • Group ritual to grieve a violent death and honor the land where it occurred.

  • Song to honor a departed husband/father at the memorial.

  • Altar tending and prayer support for end of life and passing of beloved canine companion.

  • Song to honor a retiree at the conclusion of her career.

  • Group singing and water blessing to honor young trees planted at a new nature preserve.

  • Humorous skit to honor a graduate at party of family and friends.

  • Bedside music for dying loved one.

  • Nostalgic custom song for parents' 50th wedding anniversary.

Retirement Ritual Testimonial

     I am so grateful to you for all the help you gave me in preparing for this event.  It was an AMAZING experience for me, and my friends were so engaged and inspired by it.  I loved every detail. 

     The letting go ritual was so powerful.  My friends read the items and I burned them all with the flash paper (they loved this!)  They all found the songs to be deeply moving.      My friends said they were all "taking notes" for their own future retirement rituals.  I am so glad to have had the opportunity to do this for myself. I do feel like I stepped more solidly into my new life.

     Again, my heartfelt thanks, Laura, for your EXCELLENT guidance on this impactful ritual.  

--Lisa Baumeister, M.D. 


Ritual Crafting for Your Circumstances: 
Some ways it might look... 


Below is a menu of possible items you could mix and match. Don't let it limit you.

Exploratory Consult: 30 minutes, no charge. 

$100 hourly rate. Accessibility policy applies.

  • Custom Crafted Honoring Song (includes detailed consult) See a live performance here.

  • Custom Crafted Chant, Poem, Prayer, or Blessing (includes detailed consult)

  • Live Honoring or Blessing Prayer Created in the Moment 

  • Custom Performance or Recording of Requested Music 

  • Live Comfort Music in the Moment (voice, harp, drum, guitar options)

  • Ritual Planning Collaboration Sessions 

  • Spiritual Creative Support Sessions

  • Lineage Healing Sessions 

  • Spiritual Care Sessions 

  • Altar Tending 

  • Live Appearance (local area only)


SAMPLE BUNDLES: with volume discounts

GRIEF BUNDLE: Song & Comfort (6 hours for $500)

  • Custom Crafted Honoring Song

  • Comfort Music in the Moment (1 hour, divided how you wish)

  • 2 x Spiritual Care Sessions, 60 min each

  • Free Bonus: In Equal Measure CD or download available upon request


ANCESTRAL BUNDLE: Altar & Ancestors (5.5 hours for $450)

  • 3 x Lineage 75-minute Healing Sessions 

  • Honoring or Blessing Prayers in the Moment

  • Altar Tending ( ~ 4 weeks )


CELEBRATION BUNDLE:  Ritual & Initiation (7 hours for $600)

  • Ritual Planning Collaboration Session

  • 2 x Spiritual Care Sessions (pre- and post- ritual)

  • Custom Crafted Blessing, Prayer, Chant, or Poem

  • Live Appearance 

  • Altar Tending ( ~ 2 weeks )



  • 4 x Spiritual Creative Support Sessions

  • Altar Tending ( ~ 4 weeks )

  • 2 x Honoring or Blessing Prayers in the Moment

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